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HCF eliminates application downtime and ensures 24x7 availability


faster reorgs


less CPU


Downtime eliminated


The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia (HCF) is the largest not-for-profit health fund and the third largest health insurance company in Australia. HCF runs a transaction-based mainframe application system using IBM® CICS® and IBM® Db2® databases.

The Challenge

HCF needed a solution that minimizes scheduled system outages to reduce downtime. HCF already had an IBM-packaged toolset but lacked a complementary solution that would meet all its back-up requirements. HCF also needed to reduce fragmentation of its live mainframe tables as reorgs are run and fulfill demands for 24x7 application availability.

The Choice

Several BMC AMI Utilities for Db2® (previously known as Next Generation Technology (NGT) products) were chosen because of their flexibility, ease-of-use, speed, reliability, and lower cost. NGT Copy runs on a nightly basis and reliably backs up over 900 legacy Db2 tables in each of the 13 schemas, plus hundreds of catalog, user, and third-party software tables.

HCF also chose to add the NGT Reorg for Db2 solution to perform its Db2 tablespace reorgs, and uses MainView (now known as BMC AMI Ops) to keep track of active threads, transactions, buffer pools, I/O, and locking. MainView is also used for system start-up/shutdown and extensive monitoring.

The Results

  • Total elapsed time for NGT reorgs is averaging around 27% faster than IBM reorgs, down from 75 minutes to about 55 minutes. No BMC reorg failures have been reported since implementation, saving time for HCF’s tech support on-call staff.
  • As the reorgs are now online and non-destructive, HCF has been able to safely perform reorgs on large and valuable data warehouse tablespaces previously not included in housekeeping.
  • By reorganizing faster and earlier, NGT Reorg reduces the need for operators during the weekends, improving how HCF manages the shift work.

“The BMC products have consistently outperformed their competitors in terms of value, functionality, and reliability. They have a great sales and support team who not only help us resolve issues, but frequently touch base with us to ensure we are exploiting the benefits of their software.”

— Greg Cantori, Database Administrator, HCF

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