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Kansas City Life Insurance ensures better system performance with BMC


faster job completion


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system performance


Kansas City Life Insurance Company offers a variety of insurance products via an agency force as well as a wholly owned broker/dealer subsidiary. The Kansas City Life staff of over 400 associates provides dedicated support to more than 500,000 policyholders across 48 states and the District of Columbia.

The Challenge

To deliver on its brand promise of Security Assured, Kansas City Life relies on its mainframe systems to process countless hourly and daily transactions and protect sensitive client data. The mainframe environment at Kansas City Life consists primarily of IBM® CICS® application servers and batch VSAM file access for high-performance data organization.

The company requires agile mainframe tools that provide real-time performance monitoring, immediate alerting for issues, and fast identification of root problems. For example, its Cyberlife business app is critical to daily business, helping agents create policy applications and administer claims. If the Cyberlife app is unavailable, business comes to a halt.

The Solution

For many years, Kansas City Life has relied on MainView solutions from BMC to stay competitive.

MainView for CICS® Management (now called BMC AMI Ops for CICS) helps the company monitor transaction responsiveness, enabling IT to purge tasks that cause deadlocks or consume excessive resources. MainView Batch Optimizer (now called BMC AMI Batch Optimizer) provides valuable insight into the company’s batch-processing environment, allowing IT to streamline its batch VSAM file accesses and significantly reduce its nightly processing. MainView Monitoring (now called BMC AMI Ops Monitoring) simplifies monitoring processes and dynamic changes for IBM® z/OS®, enabling fast identification of the root causes of bottlenecks and poor response times, particularly in test and QA environments.

Together, the three BMC solutions maintain the stability and integrity of Kansas City Life’s mainframe environment. The reliable availability of their system means IT can optimize performance and meet SLAs, employees can rely on business-critical applications, and customers can expect minimal downtime and top customer service.

The Results

Before Kansas City Life implemented BMC AMI Ops solutions from BMC, jobs took up to four hours to complete and nightly batch cycles weren’t possible. Today, the company realizes several benefits, including:

  • Executing jobs in just one hour—a 60% performance improvement.
  • Completing nightly batch cycles, meeting SLAs.
  • Easily purging tasks that consume excessive resources, reducing and preventing performance delays.
  • Quickly pinpointing problems and slowdowns, allowing for proper, proactive job coding.

By ensuring fast problem identification and resolution, Kansas City Life maintains the stable environment necessary for up-to-the-minute, reliable customer service.

“Customers and agents can rely on systems working without prolonged delays, helping Kansas City Life achieve the highest level of customer service.”

— Howard Henry, Manager Mainframe IT Infrastructure, Kansas City Life Insurance

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