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Control-M 9.x: Advanced Training for Control-M Add-ons (WBT)

Control-M is a monitoring and management tool for the enterprise batch-scheduling environment. It allows users to manage job processing across all distributed systems platforms supported by instances of Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent.

This course provides an understanding of some important Control-M Add-ons that can be used to extend the Control-M environment of your organization.

This course uses slide presentations (textual content and product visuals), engaging interactions, demonstrations, and simulations.

Major release:

Control-M 9.x

Good for:

Administrators, Operators, Schedulers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 4.5 horas

Course Modules

  • Control-M Add-ons Overview
    • Introduction to Control-M Add-ons
    • Control-M Self Service
    • Control-M Workload Change Manager
    • Control-M Workload Archiving
    • Control-M Batch Impact Manager
    • Control-M Managed File Transfer
  • Control-M Self Service
    • Control-M Self Service
    • Service and Job Management
    • Service Definitions and Rules
    • Service Authorizations
    • Control-M Self Service Mobile App
  • Control-M Workload Change Manager
    • Introduction to Control-M Workload Change Manager
    • Configuring Control-M Workload Change Manager in CCM
    • Working with Control-M Workload Change Manager
    • Setting Up Workload Change Manager in Control-M Client
  • Control-M Workload Archiving
    • Introduction to Control-M Workload Archiving
    • Configuring Control-M Workload Archiving
    • Working with Control-M Workload Archiving
  • Control-M Batch Impact Manager
    • Introduction to Control-M Batch Impact Manager
    • Basics of Control-M Batch Impact Manager
    • Working with BIM Services
    • Advanced Features
    • BIM Reports
  • Control-M Managed File Transfer
    • Installing and Deploying Control-M Managed File Transfer
    • Configuring Control-M Managed File Transfer
    • Creating and Monitoring Control-M Managed File Transfer Jobs