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The BMC AMI Data Extractor gathers real-time IMS data for analytics engines and SIEM tools, with no impact to processing times. Get just the data you need to make decisions—and lower usage costs for ingestion-based analytics engines—with exclusive two-phase intelligent filtering.

BMC AMI Data Extractor for IMS provides:

  • Real-time access to IMS data
  • Two-phase intelligent filtering to reduce data volume
  • Minimal overhead with no I/O in the IMS control region
  • Integration with MainView for IMS to capture specific records
Real Time Data

Leverage your IMS data to drive business value

Ensure a secure environment and prevent intrusions


IMS data can be fed into Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) applications that provide security monitoring, advanced threat detection, forensics and incident response, and more. Just a few seconds’ delay caused by threat detections can translate into a loss of thousands of dollars.

With BMC AMI Data Extractor for IMS you get:

  • Real-time data that can lead to faster detection of threats and breaches
  • Two-phase intelligent filtering that adds logic to help identify potential exceptions

Find and fix problems across systems quickly

Problem Resolution

A one millisecond longer response time can be a problem when you are processing millions of transactions each day. If a transaction times out, you need to instantly determine where the delay happened so that you can fix the problem before errors start to snowball. Real-time analytics can help correlate input from multiple sources so that you can monitor response time and get the full end-to-end view of where the transaction spent its time.

With BMC AMI Data Extractor for IMS you get:

  • Real-time data that can lead to faster problem resolution
  • No impact to transaction processing times and undetectable overhead

Exploit your data to present new products and services to your customers

Targeted Marketing

You have a wealth of data on your customers. Why not use it to offer new products and services that are tailored to a specific customer’s needs? Using analytics, you can immediately see what products your customers own and offer related products or services – while you are processing transactions.

With BMC AMI Data Extractor for IMS you get:

  • Real-time IMS data so that you get the full picture of your customers’ profile
  • Two-phase intelligent filtering to provide just the data you need – when you need it

Get started using BMC AMI Data Extractor for IMS