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BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2® 13.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT)

BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2® on z/OS is a product that replaces the unreliable process of managing database changes manually with automation for implementing structural changes, migrating data, and tracking modifications across multiple Db2 systems. It helps you validate changes in a test environment before moving to production. It also uses version control to roll changes back or forward as needed.

The growing complexity of the Db2 environment has made the change process more difficult and costly. Without the change management tool, DBAs find the entire change process tedious and complex. BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2 enables DBAs to deal effectively with the demands of a constantly changing environment.

The course focuses on change management, which DBAs need to perform. It mainly covers automating common tasks related to data structural changes. It also helps the learner get hands-on experience.

Major release:

BMC AMI Data 13.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 4 horas

Course Modules

  • Module 1: BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2® Basics
    • Getting Started with BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2®
      • BMC ALTER and BMC AMI Change Manager overview
      • Important Features of BMC ALTER
      • Functions of BMC AMI Change Manager
      • Important aspects before using Change Management Tool
      • The solution to manage multiple environments
    • BMC AMI Change Manager Building Blocks
      • Components
      • Objects
      • Architecture
      • Main Menu
      • How to access BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2 using ISPF
  • Module 2: Introduction to Work ID
    • Create a Work ID
      • Concept of a Work ID
      • Types of Work IDs
    • Specify a Work ID
      • Editing commands used during the specification process
    • Analyze a Work ID
    • Execute a Work ID
      • Basic execution functions
      • Conceptual Alter worklist
  • Module 3: Migration Process and Migrate-Type Work ID
    • Overview of Database Migration
      • Database Migration
      • Migrating database environments
      • Importance of the migration process
    • Migration of Data Structures
      • Tasks performed in the migration process
      • Migration to a different subsystem
      • Conceptual migrate worklist
      • Two-phase migration on a different subsystem
      • Methods of migrating data structures
      • Migration via migrate-type work ID
    • Migrate-Type Work ID
      • Migrate-type work ID basics
      • Modification of data structures using change rules
  • Module 4: Overview of Migrate Profiles
    • Introduction to Profiles
      • Types of profiles
      • Migrate profiles in BMC AMI Change Manager architecture
    • Inbound Migrate Profile Overview
      • Import process
      • Create an inbound migrate profile
    • Migration via Outbound Migrate Profile
    • Demonstrate an Outbound Migrate Profile
      • Create an outbound migrate profile
  • Module 5: Using Baselines and Baseline Profiles
    • Introduction to Baseline and Baseline Profile
      • Baseline creation process
      • Types and uses of baseline
      • Baseline profile and recovery
      • Methods to create structure-only baseline
      • Create a full-recovery baseline
      • Baseline management
      • Baseline report generation
    • Demonstration of Baseline Profile and Baseline Creation
      • Create a baseline profile
      • Create a baseline from the baseline profile
  • Module 6: Using Compare Component
    • Introduction to Compare Component
      • Compare components
      • Overview of database environment comparison.
      • Comparing data structures
      • Scope rules
      • Specify options for comparison
    • Overview of Synchronizing Data Structures
      • Synchronizing data structures
      • Catalog-to-catalog comparison
      • Catalog-to-catalog scope selection
      • Catalog-to-DDL file/migrate worklist comparison
      • DDL file/migrate worklist to DDL file/migrate worklist comparison
      • DDL file-to-DDL file comparison
    • Overview of Versioning Data Structures
      • Versioning data structures
      • Baseline-to-baseline comparison
      • Baseline-to-catalog comparison and vice-versa
    • Scope of a Comparison
      • Comparison output
      • Change Definition Language (CDL)
      • CDL file format
      • CDL commands
      • CDL reserve words
      • CDL statements
      • Application of the CDL
      • Generation of a CDL file from an Altertype work ID
  • Module 7: Using Import Component
    • Overview of Import Process
      • Types of work IDs used to import a file
      • Validity checks
      • Import results
      • Error correction
    • Importing a CDL file
  • Module 8: CM/Pilot Overview
    • Overview and architecture of CM/PILOT
      • CM/PILOT components and features
      • Benefits of CM/PILOT
    • CM/PILOT Components and Objects
      • Using task IDs
      • Using scripts
      • Using applications
      • Processing CM/PILOT worklists
      • CM/PILOT worklist commands