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Leading organizations are prioritizing better developer experiences, achieving transformational results, and attracting a new generation of developers to build mainframe applications. BMC is helping them do it.

Developer Experience Matters More than Ever

Developer experience, the overall experience a developer has while working on a software development project, is drawing more and more consideration from business leaders. After all, developers spend most of their time working with tools that become increasingly complex and disjointed as organizations transform and grow. How much more could development teams achieve with better tools and processes? Forward-thinking leaders are curious to find out.

Another factor driving interest in developer experience is the challenge of hiring and retaining top developer talent. Difficult, unfamiliar interfaces deter new developers who prefer to work with modern, consumer-grade integrated development environments (IDEs) from pursuing roles that support mainframe technology. For those who do take on mainframe roles, onboarding can be a prolonged process. Creating a seamless, intuitive developer experience for mainframe developers is key to unlocking exponential results.


Empower your developers with BMC AMI DevX

BMC AMI DevX is designed to meet developers at every career stage, offering compatibility and connectivity to scale productivity and payoff in mainframe application development.

Elements of BMC AMI DevX functionality include:

  • Shift-left automated testing that enables developers at all skill levels to test new code immediately and find and address bugs earlier in the development cycle when they’re easier to fix. Continuous testing also automatically prepares test data within the DevOps toolchain.
  • Streamlined IDEs that let developers work where they prefer, focusing on the applications they’re building rather than the deployment mechanism. This is made possible via tools like BMC AMI DevX Workbench for Eclipse and BMC AMI DevX Workbench for VS Code, which let developers go all the way from build to deploy without leaving their preferred environment.
  • Enabling DevOps for source code management (SCM) functions, which helps developers to understand the scope of any changes needed before they start coding and speed approvals through concurrent work streams.
  • Delivery of operational insights, so developers aren’t just catching issues, but also understanding and prioritizing them, working hand in hand with the operations team to make the overall system better. It also empowers newer developers to address and correct any issues that arise in legacy code.

Say goodbye to the limiting complexities of mainframe application development. With BMC AMI DevX, developers can do more of what they love—coding—with less of the grind.

"What we definitely see happening as we go down this journey, is people are organizing around value. That means that our distributed teams might have a few mainframe developers. Giving them the ability to use a single source code management tool (Git) would prove invaluable to them.”

-Jaco ”Jakes” Olivier, Technical Specialist, Nedbank

Are You Giving Your Mainframe Developers and Amazing DevX

Are You Giving Your Mainframe Developers an Amazing DevX?

You can, with modern tools and automation that empower developers to innovate faster and be more competitive.

Survey Says: Modern Development Tools Improve the Developer Experience


increase in developer productivity


increase in deployment frequency


reduction in onboarding time for new hires


reduction in development costs [with DevOps-driven mainframe modernization]

The Benefits of a Modern Developer Experience

  • Parallel development

    Support Agile development by tracking parallel change streams through testing, QA, and production. 

  • Shift left

    Use automated testing to identify defects early on and reduce software development costs. 

  • Seamless DevOps toolchain

    Integrate with modern application development and testing tools for a complete and seamless DevOps toolchain. 

  • Automate tasks

    Automate code scanning, testing, and IT operations controls to support continuous integration and delivery.

  • Git integration

    Choose from flexible Git implementations to enable development teams to work efficiently.

Mainstreaming the Modern Mainframe Developer Experience

Learn why having a modern mainframe developer experience makes a difference for your employees and better enables you to be successful in the digital economy.

Mainstreaming the Mainframe

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