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BMC AMI Cloud 3.x: Fundamentals Installation, Configuration, and Administration (Workshop)

BMC AMI Cloud is a suite of products built on a scalable, secured, and robust platform that you can use to accelerate your data-led journey to the cloud.

Mainframe data is the most mission critical data in the largest enterprises in the world. Our platform provides end-to-end mainframe data management. The BMC AMI Cloud Data platform consolidates the functionality of multiple storage, backup, and tape management products into a single, software-defined secondary data management solution that eliminates the need for physical and virtual tape libraries.

In this workshop, the users will learn in detail about the features and architecture of BMC AMI Cloud. Users will also learn in detail about installing, configuring, and administering BMC AMI Cloud.

Major release:

BMC AMI Cloud 3.x

Good for:

Administrators, System Programmers, Users

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 24 horas

Course Modules

  • BMC AMI Cloud Overview
    • Define BMC AMI Cloud
    • Understand the benefits and differentiators of BMC AMI Cloud
    • Describe the architecture of BMC AMI Cloud
    • Learn about the supported platforms for BMC AMI Cloud
  • BMC AMI Cloud Installation
    • Understand BMC AMI Cloud Installation steps
    • Learn about the server specific configuration
    • Understand agent specific configuration
    • Explain automatic recall
    • Define zCX
  • BMC AMI Cloud GUI
    • Navigate across the BMC AMI Cloud GUI
    • Review the BMC AMI Cloud GUI Panels
    • Create policies for Backup and Archive, Import and Export
    • Understand all the special actions of the UI
  • BMC AMI Cloud Mainframe Server API and CLI
    • Define all the mainframe interfaces available for BMC AMI Cloud
    • Understand how to use SAPI
    • Learn about CLI commands and samples
    • Understand lifecycle management
    • Understand how to synchronize mainframe actions with the UI
  • BMC AMI Cloud Configuration
    • Define the reference architectures
    • Learn more about Linux server high availability
    • Define all the BMC AMI Cloud environments
    • Understand how to manage multiple LPARs
    • Define BMC AMI Cloud Agent and Server parameters
    • Understand all security considerations
  • BMC AMI Cloud Performance Tuning
    • Define performance considerations
    • Understand backup performance and scalability
    • Learn how to Restore/Recall performance and scalability
  • BMC AMI Cloud Disaster Recovery
    • Define DASD Replication Disaster Recovery
    • Learn how to Backup/Archive Recovery
    • Define Management Server Recovery
    • Understand Bare-Metal Recovery
    • Learn more about System Recovery
    • Define the process for standalone Restore
    • Define Production Volume Recovery
  • BMC AMI Cloud Training Program Onboarding
    • Understand how to reduce MSU and CPU cost
    • Learn more about Data Management
    • Define project phases
    • Understand Tape data reports
    • Learn how to migrate CA-DISK datasets from Tape to Cloud
    • Define best practices for BMC AMI Cloud onboarding
  • BMC AMI Cloud Transform Services
    • Define data analytics architecture
    • Understand benefits of integration with cloud applications
    • Explain the difference between ETL and ELT
    • Explain the difference between BMC AMI Cloud and ETL
    • Explain the difference between BMC AMI Cloud and CDC
  • BMC AMI Cloud Self Service and Support
    • Learn more about immediate resources available for BMC AMI Cloud
    • Discover the BMC AMI Cloud Documentation
    • Learn more about the BMC AMI Cloud service portal
    • Understand where to find BMC AMI Cloud knowledge base