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BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline (ISPW) 22.x: Fundamentals Developing ISPF (WBT)

BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline is a modern mainframe CI/CD tool that ensures code pipelines are secure, stable, and streamlined throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Developers gain the confidence of knowing they can quickly and safely build, test, and deploy mainframe code.

Code Pipeline enables mainframe teams to optimize code quality, improve developer productivity, and rapidly meet the digital demands of the business. Code Pipeline fits into a modern DevOps toolchain, empowering developers of all experience levels to increase the quality, velocity, and efficiency of software development and delivery.

In this course, Developers will understand the BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline ISPF interface and the change life cycle. They will comprehend in detail the functionalities available from the Main Menu. They will additionally learn in detail about all the Task List operations available with Code Pipeline.

Major release:

BMC AMI DevX 22.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 3 horas

Course Modules

  • Module 3: Container List
    • Understand Containers
    • Learn how to add an Assignment
    • Explain how to add a Task to the Assignment
    • Define how to add a New Release
    • Explain how to add Tasks to Releases
    • Understand how to work with the Container list
  • Module 4: Task List Operations
    • Understand Tasks
    • Learn how to filter the Task List
    • Explain how to sort the Task List
    • Understand the Task List operations
    • Define Approvals
    • Understand Approval methods
  • Module 5: Versioning, Deploy, and Generate Impacts
    • Understand Versioning
    • Explain how Version comparing works
    • Define Version errors
    • Explain Version override
    • Understand Deploy
    • Define the Deployment life cycle for a Component
    • Explain Deploy Request Queue
    • Understand Generate Impact
    • Learn how to process Impacts
    • Define no Impacts