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BMC Helix Edge 24.x: Fundamentals Architecture and Components (WBT)

BMC Helix Edge consolidates and funnels operational data, merging IT and OT data to monitor critical systems and predict failures. It addresses performance, downtime, customer service, and asset management challenges across BMC products. Operating at the edge, it automates issue resolution by collecting, processing, and analyzing data at the edge. Using machine learning, it detects anomalies, forecasts maintenance, and enhances operational efficiency.

This web-based training introduces students to the needs, essential features, applications, and advantages of the product. They will gain an understanding of its architecture and its relevance across various industries along with use cases.

Major release:

BMC Helix Operations Management & AIOps

Good for:

Administrators, Users

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 0.75 horas

Course Modules

  • Module 2: Exploring BMC Helix Dashboards
    • Monitoring Devices
    • Monitoring Events
    • Monitoring Groups
    • Out-of-the-box dashboards
    • Event, Metric, and Tag-based dashboards
    • Components of a dashboard in Edit mode
    • Dashboard settings, annotations, variables, links, tags, queries, and permissions
    • The JSON model
  • Module 3: Building Dashboards
    • Dashboard configuration with panels
    • Dashboard time range
    • Home page customization
    • Dashboard localization
    • Event and metric queries
  • Module 4: Designing Dashboards
    • BMC and third-party visualizations
    • Sharing dashboards and panels
    • Exporting and importing dashboards
    • Scheduled reports
    • Module 5: Advanced Configuration
    • Best practices in designing dashboards
    • Handling the delay issue in scheduled reports
    • Adding external users as scheduled report recipients