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BMC Helix ITSM - Smart IT 20.x: Fundamentals Using Asset Management (WBT)

This course will give Smart IT Asset Management users an overview of the main Smart IT features before they begin to use them in real-time.

At the end of the course, the learners will be equipped with the knowledge of main features of Smart IT and easily work with the asset processes, features, and records.

Major release:

BMC Helix ITSM 20.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 3 horas

Course Modules

  • Smart IT Concepts and Overview
    • Overview of BMC Helix with Smart IT
    • Discuss main features of Smart IT
    • Access Smart IT
    • Explain Mobile device compatibility and benefits for Smart IT
    • Smart IT Dashboard functionality
    • List various Smart IT Search options
    • Explain various Smart IT consoles
    • Explain the Preset, Filters, and Bulk Actions features
    • Explain Change Calendar
    • Discuss Activity and Update Feeds
    • Overview of Smart IT Knowledge Articles
    • Smart Recorder Overview
    • List various features and functionalities of Smart Recorder
    • Create a new customer profile from Smart Recorder
  • BMC Asset Management Concepts
    • Describe Asset Management
    • Define various Asset Management terms
    • Describe Configuration Management
    • Explain Asset Data Sources, Sandbox, and Production Datasets
    • Explain Asset Lifecycle
    • Explain Smart IT and Smart IT with Asset Management
    • Describe CI types
    • Explain CI lifecycle and status values
    • Explain product catalog, product categorization
    • Explain Global Search and Filter
    • Describe the advanced search on Asset Console
    • Explain bulk asset actions
  • Smart IT Asset Records
    • Explain Asset Console in Smart IT
    • Describe Asset Console filters
    • Explain asset profile
    • Describe asset profile overview, details, role, location, activity, and tabs sections
    • View the More option
  • Creating and Updating Assets
    • Explain asset types and sub types
    • Explain Sandbox Dataset
    • Describe the asset creation process
    • Create an asset
    • Explain asset status values
    • Add image and owner
    • View asset profile edit options
    • Describe various outage types
    • Create an outage for an asset from asset profile
    • Create an outage for an asset from change record
  • Relating Asset with Other Assets and Items
    • Explain different types of asset relationships
    • Explore asset relationships using Graphical CI Explorer and List CI Explorer
    • Relate an asset as a Child or a Parent
    • Explain relationship of an asset with other items
    • Relate an asset to a change request
    • Create Ticket from an asset
    • Explain relationship of an asset with People, Organizations, and Groups
  • Running Asset Actions and Moving Assets to Inventory
    • Explain an asset action
    • List the steps to run an asset action
    • Explain the steps to run an asset action
    • Explain asset Inventory
    • List the Asset type that cannot be added to inventory
    • Move an asset into inventory
    • Take Asset out of inventory
  • Receiving and Replacing Assets Using Mobile Device
    • Update asset details from mobile device
    • Receive asset by scanning from mobile device
    • Move asset to an inventory from mobile device
    • Relate asset to an existing record from mobile device
    • Explain the Swap action
    • Replace an asset using the Swap Asset action