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Access to a Product Specialist


This Service provides access to a Product Specialist for technical guidance specific to a Customer’s instance. This guidance is focused on a single product with the purpose of mitigating performance risk and accelerating issue resolution.

What you get:

BMC will perform the following:

  • Provide technical expertise specific to a Customer's environment for a single product
  • Conduct a review of Customer’s production environment to assess current usage of license, product functionality, and transaction volume trends
  • Prepare a Product Insight report of usage and recommendations
  • Review the Product Insight Report’s key findings, prioritized recommendations, and benefits with Customer
  • Conduct upgrade planning sessions for the In-Scope Product using BMC’s recommended best practices
  • Prepare an Upgrade Playbook specific to Customers environment with advisory recommendations
  • Host Product knowledge transfer sessions, up to 1 per quarter
  • Provide informal How do I sessions on topics agreed between Customer and product specialist
  • Establish chat access for Customer to the BMC Product Specialist
  • Review Incident Case Report and progress during bi-weekly Case Review meeting

Customer may select the offering duration from the table below:

Duration Success Credits Required
6 months
12 months


Access to the Product Specialist is limited to local business hours in the Customer time zone, excluding public holidays. 

Customer is responsible for:

  • Identifying the Customer Sponsor 
  • Providing access to relevant Customer staff
  • Providing requisite IT approvals and Teams permissions to access direct chat with product specialist

Deliverables: Using BMC’s standard methodology and templates, the following Deliverables are in scope for this project and will be delivered:

  • Product Insight Report
  • Upgrade Playbook
  • Incident Case Report

Completion Criteria: Upon reaching the end date of the Duration, BMC will have completed these Services.


Customer must:

  • Be a subscriber to a Success Subscription.
  • Have at least 6 months remaining in their Success Subscription in order to redeem a 12-month service. 
  • Have at least 2 weeks remaining in their Success Subscription in order to redeem a 6-month service.
  • Identify the specific BMC Product that is associated with this service.

Additional information:

  • Estimated Duration: 6 or 12 consecutive months
  • In-scope Products: BMC Helix AIOps, BMC Helix Business Workflows, BMC Helix Capacity Optimization, BMC Helix Chatbot, BMC Helix Client Management, BMC Helix CMDB, BMC Helix Continuous Optimization, BMC Helix Digital Workplace, BMC Helix Discovery, BMC Helix Enterprise Service Management, BMC Helix ITSM, BMC Helix Knowledge Management, BMC Helix Operations Management, BMC Helix Monitor, BMC Helix Optimize, BMC Helix Platform, BMC Helix Remediate, BMC Helix Virtual Agent, BMC Helix Vulnerability Management, TrueSight Automation for Networks, TrueSight Automation for Servers, TrueSight Capacity Optimization, TrueSight Operations Management, TrueSight Orchestration
  • Service Type: Technical Assistance
  • Availability: Active
  • Success Service Code: 
    • Access to a Product Specialist for 6 months - PREM_SPEC06_001
    • Access to a Product Specialist for 12 months - PREM_SPEC12_001
  • Date Last Updated: 6/12/2023

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