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BMC Helix Dashboards and Reporting Starter Service


This Service configures one Simple*, Moderate*, and Complex* dashboards to view data from BMC Helix products.  It also includes knowledge transfer for the in-scope dashboards.

BMC will perform the following in one environment:

BMC will perform the following:

  • Conduct a workshop to review out-of-the-box capabilities of BMC Helix Dashboards
  • Configure up to three users with out-of-the-box roles and permissions
  • Configure the following in-scope dashboards to view data from the approved list of BMC products and one scheduled report for each:
    • One Simple Dashboard
    • One Moderate Dashboard
    • One Complex Dashboard
  • Conduct knowledge transfer session for the above dashboards
  • Prepare Construction Document

Customer will be responsible for:

  • Conducting functional testing

BMC will provide this service with one of the approaches below:

Delivery Options Success Credits Required
Standard Delivery*
Country-Specific Staffing*

Using BMC’s standard methodology and templates, the following Deliverables are in scope for this project and will be delivered:

  • Construction Document

Completion Criteria: BMC will have completed the Service when the in-scope  Service have been completed and the Deliverables have been delivered to the Customer Project Manager.


  • Customer must have a valid subscription to BMC Helix ITSM

Additional information:

  • Estimated Duration: 3 weeks
  • In-scope Products: BMC Helix Automation Console, BMC Helix Business Workflows, BMC Helix CMDB, BMC Helix Continuous Optimization, BMC Helix Digital Workplace, BMC Helix Innovation Suite, BMC Helix Intelligent Automation, BMC Helix ITSM, Live Chat, BMC Helix Log Analytics, BMC Helix Operations Management, BMC Helix Portal, BMC Helix Virtual Agent
  • Service Type: Deployment
  • Availability: Active
  • Success Service Code: HELX_DASH_003_OFFSHORE, HELX_DASH_003_ONSHORE 
  • Date Last Updated: 12/27/2023

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