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Implement checkpoint and commit logic in batch Db2®, IMS, and VSAM application programs – with no application changes – to reduce costs and ensure quicker restarts. Quickly recover VSAM files.

Restarting batch jobs has never been easier and VSAM is now supported like a database

Resume failed or interrupted batch applications from the most recent checkpoint rather than from the beginning of the job. Focus on the process of recovering data rather than the program that recovers the data.

  • Automatic checkpoint: Simplify and speed up the process of implementing checkpoint/restart logic into application programs
  • Optimal checkpoint logic: Modernize IMS and Db2 applications by modifying the frequency of checkpoints and commits
  • Program exception handling: Automatically redirects “bad” input data that causes S0C7 abends into a reject file and lets the application continue
  • Streamlined recovery: Focus on the process of recovering data rather than the program that recovers the data
  • Central point of control: Provides a central information repository for managing all backup, recovery, and journal processes
  • Automatic journal: Performs automatic journaling and backout of VSAM updates made by batch programs
AMI Application Restart

Automate restart and recover VSAM data

Select the right checkpoint every time, eliminating errors and the need to restart your restart

Application Restart Control

If a batch job fails, you typically need to restart it from the beginning, increasing processing time. BMC AMI Application Restart Control implements intelligent checkpoint and commit logic so that you can restart from the latest checkpoint and finish batch jobs on time.

  • Optimize checkpoints and commits so that you no longer waste time and resources on unnecessary commits
  • Choose the appropriate checkpoint for restarting failed batch jobs, eliminating the time it would take to restart the job from the beginning
  • Determine the best balance between performance, restart time, and checkpoint overhead by controlling the checkpoint frequency outside the application

Ensure quick and easy VSAM data recovery

Recovery for VSAM

Have all the backup, recovery, journal record and log record management, and reporting capabilities necessary for successful recovery of VSAM application data.

  • Automate and simplify the recovery process, reducing recovery time to improve data availability and ensure data integrity
  • Perform backups while files are open to CICS for updates
  • Provide Snapshot technology for Instant Snapshots and Instant Restores
  • Allow file management by application groups

Getting started with BMC AMI Data for IMS is easy