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Keeping up with digital demand can be a challenge. Managing your mainframe software costs shouldn’t be. Optimize IBM mainframe licensing charges which can consume 30%-50% of your mainframe budget.

BMC AMI Cost Management provides data-driven reporting, budget forecasting, and impact modeling—easily identifying cost optimization areas by translating technical cost data into insightful business metrics.

  • Transparent cost reporting with intuitive, interactive dashboards that track history and efficiency improvements, and analyze system and total cost data
  • Identification of workloads driving mainframe software costs so you can align cost optimization strategies with business demand
  • Predictive analytics evaluating the impact of IBM software license cost optimization activities for planning and ongoing budget management
  • Proactive reporting on planned vs. actual costs, variances, and forecasts of whether costs will put the budget at risk
  • Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP) reporting support giving you visibility into your monthly TFP cost drivers to allow you to control your TFP costs
  • Integration with Compuware Strobe for deep application-aware tuning with cost-aware workload analytics to project future mainframe software license costs

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Gain actionable insights into effective cost management

Demystify cost data and identify budget risk

VP of IT Ops
  • Understand what’s driving IBM mainframe software charges with easy-to-use dashboards, intelligent discovery, and predictive analytics
  • Model the cost impact of changes, while tracking and forecasting your software budget
  • Predict the costs associated with deploying new applications, selecting a new pricing model, or making changes to your workloads

Align budget to business demands while managing evolving mainframe software license models

Mainframe Manager
  • Optimize IBM software licensing contracts and gain visibility into key workloads driving cost peaks
  • Identify budget variances in advance to target cost-optimization actions
  • Test-drive changes and see the cost impacts before committing to new pricing models or applications
  • Identify Tailored Fit Pricing workloads and specific capacity peaks and cost drivers

Leverage automated intelligence to get definable business metrics

Next Generation Practitioner
  • Easy-to-use, interactive planning component displays the cost impact of growing workloads
  • State-of-the art interface displays cost and utilization metrics in a complete yet concise manner, including key drivers of peak resource usage that contribute to mainframe license costs (MLC)
  • “What-if” predictive capabilities help you to test workload balancing so you can optimize monthly MLC costs and forecast when MLC costs will exceed budget

Getting started with BMC AMI Cost Management is easy