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What's New in Mainframe Solutions

Learn about our April 2024 release

Reduce data storage costs and apply automation to increase efficiency

Modernize your mainframe storage management and backup, archive, and recover your data directly in the cloud to decrease storage costs and increase productivity with new BMC AMI Cloud Data enhancements, which give you the ability to:

  • Save money on storage by allowing IAM dataset archiving from the mainframe using an archive policy or the command line interface (CLI).
  • Increase staff efficiency by including a new LIST format in the LISTDSN CLI command, which presents more information for each resource in BMC AMI Cloud backups or archives, including necessary information for wrapping by automation code.
  • Be more effective and leverage better insights into data with new filtering and improved, consolidated capabilities on the resource page.
Reduce data storage cost

Amplify development efficiency and better control application deployments

Revolutionize your developer experience (DevX) and unleash your team’s full DevOps potential with cutting-edge enhancements from BMC AMI DevX Code Insights and BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline. These new features help you:

  • Improve developer efficiency and automate manual steps with new insights about which copybooks are being used, and the ability to remove unused copybooks to simplify code and speed up development.
  • Deliver innovation faster and more smoothly with detailed deploy controls, which yield more in-depth options such as specifying deployment actions for each environment, at specific times, or how to handle failures.
Amplify Development efficiency

Streamline IBM® Db2® and IBM® IMS to reduce downtime, improve mean time to detect (MTTD), and enhance decision-making

Boost efficiency and performance with new features to reduce downtime, streamline problem issue diagnosis, simplify terminal management, automate pre-processing, and provide comprehensive management-level insights, ensuring availability, resiliency, and agility.

  • Simplify Db2 management with BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2® with new DB2 ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN functionality to make database changes easier; speed up diagnostics and resolution with BMC AMI Utilities for Db2®'s integrated view of new advanced execution diagnostics; and improve strategic decisions with insights from BMC AMI Log Master for Db2® and BMC AMI zAdviser, which offer a clear overview of data migration and audit tasks.
  • Enhance your IMS system with BMC AMI Online Reorg's optimizations to lower downtime and system load; streamline terminal management with BMC AMI Change Manager Virtual Terminal's advanced masking; and boost availability while reducing manual intervention with BMC AMI Fast Path Online Restructure's automated transactions.

Better visualize performance to yield higher uptime and performance

See the big picture with key performance metrics for mainframe systems and subsystems in a single view with new BMC AMI Ops user interface dashboards, which allows you to make better decisions and quickly identify areas of concern to yield higher uptime and performance.

Better Visualize Performance

Secure your business and mitigate ransomware threats

Keeping your business safe from bad characters is critically important to maintaining your company’s brand and reputation. With new mainframe penetration testing (pentesting) and more out of the box security use cases, you can now collect insight into your security operations more effortlessly, prevent incidents, and accelerate your time to value for the products.

  • Leverage third-party pentesting through NetSPI to show how vulnerable your system is to being breached, or if it validates a security posture, to easily adhere to compliance and have a record that your system is protected.
  • New out of the box use cases include user behavior associations powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Secure your business

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