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A modern mainframe CI/CD tool can ensure your mainframe code pipelines are secure, stable, and streamlined throughout the DevOps lifecycle. With BMC Compuware ISPW, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you can quickly and safely build, test, and deploy mainframe code.

Optimize code quality, improve developer productivity, and rapidly meet business demands

ISPW empowers developers of all experience levels to increase the quality, velocity, and efficiency of software development and delivery. Use ISPW for mainframe source code management (SCM) as well as build and deploy, or with enterprise Git.

  • Connect with modern DevOps toolchains using REST APIs and command line interfaces (CLIs)
  • Automate CI/CD pipeline workflows and eliminate repetitive development tasks using BMC Compuware ISPW extensions for Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and GitHub
  • Flexibility to work in Eclipse-based Topaz, ISPF, or VS Code
  • Git integration provides choice and flexibility of SCM so development teams can choose between Git or ISPW for feature branching then ISPW for mainframe Build and Deploy
  • Automate, standardize, and monitor deployments into multiple target environments
  • Support multiple developers working on the same program at the same time
  • Catch conflicts early with intuitive displays that show the real-time status of all programs throughout the lifecycle
  • Speed approvals with anytime, anywhere web and mobile approval access
  • Use KPI dashboards from BMC Compuware zAdviser with actionable insights to continuously improve mainframe developer productivity
Forrester TEI Report

The ROI of modern mainframe SCM & IDE tools

  • Increase mainframe developer productivity by 175%
  • Increase deployment frequency by 600% without sacrificing quality
  • Reduce onboarding of mainframe development new hires by 50%

Visibility and control across the development lifecycle

Simplify your coding and build process

BMC Compuware ISPW Simplify Coding
  • Gain visibility across the development lifecycle and update code easily and confidently for agile development
  • Get rich analysis, visualize complex application logic, and automate testing through deep integration with BMC Compuware Topaz
  • Easily configure and administer as many development areas as desired, enabling enterprise-wide parallel development, a hallmark of enterprise DevOps
  • Integration with Git allows mainframe code to be managed in GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket in the same manner as cloud and mobile applications; developers can use the ISPW VS Code Extension to do their builds in ISPW on the mainframe
  • Promotion analysis automatically identifies dependencies so that components can be deployed confidently

Deploy changes into production with confidence

BMC Compuware ISPW Deployment

BMC Compuware ISPW enables organizations to promote mainframe code faster, resulting in more rapid rollouts with fewer errors.

  • Provides complete visibility over all versions of a program at multiple points in the development cycle
  • Prevents incorrect overlaying of versions, ensuring that even with large development teams doing parallel development, continuous integration and deployment can be done with full integrity
  • Makes it easy to view the status of all deploy requests and the environments into which code was deployed
  • In the event of a failed deployment, produces an intuitive hierarchical chart that guides operators to the failure point so they can take corrective action
  • Integrate your mainframe deployment into leading DevOps CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Digital.ai Release

Automate and integrate processes across multi-platform enterprises

BMC Compuware ISPW Automate Processes

BMC Compuware ISPW integrates into a cross-platform DevOps toolchain to enable continuous build and deploy while ensuring code quality.

  • Use Jenkins, Digital.ai Release or other DevOps tools to automate code quality checks and deployment throughout the application lifecycle
  • Modern integrations allow visibility into what’s occurring on the mainframe so even non-mainframe programmers can run and monitor a deploy without needing specialized mainframe knowledge
  • ISPW operations, such as promote, compile, deploy on the mainframe, retrieving source code from Git, can all be easily automated through powerful REST APIs and a CLI
  • Webhook notifications allow you to easily connect and automate with other DevOps tools throughout the code promotion lifecycle

Modernize with confidence

BMC Compuware ISPW Migration Expert

Tap a skilled team of migration experts and tools to easily migrate from legacy mainframe SCMs.

  • Reduce time and risk to modernize your mainframe code management with a team of highly skilled team of experts
  • Proven methodology has successfully delivered hundreds of migrations
  • Migration Discovery Tool provides rich understanding of current SCM environment and data to address migration effort
  • State-of-the-art migration tools ensure that the migration occurs smoothly without disrupting business operations
“We're introducing Agile at scale and it actually works. We've seen a massive improvement where we've rolled out ISPW and Topaz to the rate and level of quality at which we deploy changes.” — Jolene Olivier, Head of CI/CD Execution Strategy, Standard Bank

Getting started with ISPW is easy