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BMC Certified Associate: AMI Storage IAM/PLEX 11.x for Storage Managers Online Exam

BMC Certified Associate

Online Exam

BMC AMI Storage IAM is a high-performance indexed access method for z/OS® that can be used in place of VSAM KSDS or VSAM ESDS datasets for batch, TSO, and online processing. IAM Record Level Sharing (IAM/RLS), an additional support function, allows multiple applications to concurrently share an IAM file within a single system/LPAR. IAM/PLEX builds on IAM/RLS to provide record level sharing support to IAM datasets across multiple LPARs within a z/OS Sysplex.

As a Storage Manager, knowledge about how IAM/RLS and IAM/PLEX will help you leverage the advantages that IAM offers. You will be able to set up and control IAM/RLS usage, manage multiple address spaces, use IAM/RLS and IAM/PLEX to perform journaling and recovery, and record lock recovery services, and also recover from LPAR outages.

The BMC Certified Associate: AMI Storage IAM/PLEX 11.x for Storage Managers Online Exam will validate the technical competencies needed to successfully understand the product functionalities and perform storage management functions efficiently.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 11.x

Good for:

Storage Managers

Course Delivery:

Online Exam | 2 horas

Steps to Certifications

Step 1.  Take the recommended courses for the Certified [Associate/Professional/Expert] learning path. Purchase the required exam (attempts).

Step 2.  Study and prepare for the exam. BMC recommends 6 weeks and a minimum of [3] months of experience with the product before taking the exam.

Step 3.  Take and pass the exam.

Step 4.  If you have failed the exam, purchase another exam attempt and start at step 2.

Examination Details