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BMC AMI Change Manager for IMS streamlines database changes and simplifies IMS maintenance with an easy-to-use GUI and efficient automation.  

Easily handle IMS maintenance, no matter your experience level

As skilled IMS DBAs retire, IT is struggling to backfill the skillsets needed to maintain database definitions and changes for IMS applications. BMC AMI Change Manager for IMS facilitates management of IMS environments with a modern interface, scripted workflows, and the ability to create “what if” scenarios with impact analyses.

  • Ensures business continuity by mitigating risk through repeatable processes and standardized scripts
  • Improves the quality and efficiency of IMS database changes
  • Provides impact analysis and automated job creation
  • Narrows skills gap for hybrid DBAs to transition to, or add, IMS management
AMI Change Manager for IMS

Graphical interface for guided workflows

  • Easy-to-use GUI and scripted workflows help less experienced IMS DBAs manage the environment effectively
  • Graphical editor is compatible with both IMS DBD and PSB object definitions
  • Supports the IMSGEN change methodology and the IMS catalog, catering to both new and seasoned IMS DBAs

Automated job creation to implement changes

  • Rollback feature allows DBAs to back out of unwanted database changes
  • Offers interactive generation and execution of IMS type-2 commands
  • Provides interactive IMS buffer pool tuning
Automated job creation to implement changes

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