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BMC AMI Command Center for Db2® (previously Workbench for Db2® ) provides secure self-service for application developers with an intuitive, web-based interface to access Db2 information.

Modernize your mainframe and make it easier for your developers to design custom Db2 applications

  • Easily access Db2 catalog information
  • Improve application performance with pre-production SQL tuning
  • Organize and customize workspaces with relevant database information
  • Enable modern, mobile access to mainframe apps and DBA tasks

Learn how to make development easier and achieve greater agility in your business

Drive greater agility and resiliency in your business with a modern toolset

Learn and develop apps easily and quickly


By presenting Db2 database information in an intuitive graphical user interface, BMC AMI Command Center for Db2 makes database information easier to use, faster to manipulate, and simple to learn.

  • Explore and interact with Db2 information with a user-friendly, web-based front end
  • Organize, build, and share custom workspaces—collections of database objects and information that can be used throughout the development process
  • Enforce existing security and permissions, limiting users to only the data and actions for which they have been cleared
  • Reduce training time

Modernize and optimize SQL performance


Use BMC AMI Command Center for Db2® to explore the database catalog and test your SQL against performance thresholds

  • Use advanced EXPLAIN capabilities to compare, test, and optimize SQL performance
  • Root out potential performance issues by checking your code against established best practices and performance thresholds
  • Copy DDL or HDDL strings from one Db2 subsystem and re-execute them in another
"It’s been a great experience with BMC. The transition from old to new was done quite well, and we had customer support on weekly calls to ensure the implementation went smoothly." — Pete Richardson, Senior Database Administrator, HBF
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Getting started with BMC AMI Command Center for Db2® is easy