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Online Content Moderation

The Digital Services Act (DSA) will be effective on February 14th, 2024, illustrating the legislative plan introduced by the European Union (EU) to govern online intermediary services, such as hosting services, providing their services to users located in the EU. The primary objective of the DSA is to establish a consistent regulatory framework for providers of online intermediary services operating in the EU and globally towards enhancing user safety and transparency in the online environment. 

BMC’s key objectives to comply with the obligations of the Digital Services Act include:

Obligations for BMC’s Hosting Services: BMC’s obligations for hosting services include its Software as a Service “SaaS” and Platform as a Service “PaaS” offerings, and the online community available at https://community.bmc.com. These obligations are designed to address issues such as content moderation and removal of illegal content.

Illegal Content Removal: BMC is required to promptly remove or disable access to illegal content, including, among any other type of illegal content, hate speech, terrorist content, and child sexual abuse material. BMC Ethics HelpLine is in place for individuals or entities to report, under the category “Online Illegal Content”, any content hosted by BMC that they deem to be illegal.

Transparency Requirements: BMC must enhance transparency regarding its content moderation policy and procedures. BMC is obligated to furnish users with clear information detailing the content decision-making processes, including the processes for appeals. You can find all this information in BMC’s Content Moderation Policy.

BMC’s Cooperation with Authorities: BMC is committed to cooperating with law enforcement and relevant national authorities to combat online illegal content. You can find additional information in BMC’s Content Moderation Policy.

Annual Reports: Annual reports on any content moderation engaged by BMC during the previous year will be made public.

BMC has not received any reports at this time.

BMC’s Legal Representative: BMC’s Legal Representative in the European Union is:

Arno Jan Ter Avest

BMC Software Distribution B.V.

Boeingavenue 220, 1119PN Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands