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KoçSistem Boosts Compliance and Efficiency to Enable Customer-Centric Innovation


patch compliance rate after two patch cycles


servers patched in scheduled cycle

50 work days

saved with automated patch management

Video: KocSistem Reduces Manual Toil by Automating Patching, Server Management (2:18)

KocSistem, a large Turkey-based service provider, was spending an inordinate amount of time on manual server maintenance across its three data centers. In this video, you’ll learn how the company uses BMC solutions to automated patching and management of its 6,000 servers reducing the risk of human error and ensuring PCI DSS compliance.

Company Overview

KoçSistem, one of the Koç Group companies, has been delivering innovative IT products, services, and solutions to businesses in Turkey and over 30 other countries since 1945. With a focus on leading digital transformation for its 250+ managed services, 150+ corporate cloud, and 60+ SAP® customers, KoçSistem has more than 8,500 servers running across three data centers and a solution portfolio that includes Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics, security, enterprise cloud, enterprise mobility, business solutions, and digital workforce robotic process automation (RPA).

Its Security Operations Center (SOC) ranks first in the field of software in Turkey, as does its R&D and Innovation Center, which has more than 100 R&D engineers dedicated to producing solutions for the future. Committed to providing value from the supply chain all the way through to the customer experience, KoçSistem’s 1,300 employees serve customers in banking, telecom, retail, energy, durable consumption, automotive, public, insurance, and many other sectors. By developing strong strategic partnerships with the world’s largest technology manufacturers, KoçSistem matches its customers’ needs with the right business partners to create an effective ecosystem.

The Opportunity

As KoçSistem continued to grow, its infrastructure team was challenged to properly manage its Windows and Linux® servers because of too few staff and too many servers. And missing patches were causing security and audit problems, server vulnerabilities, and negative compliance scores during internal and external audits. It needed a way to automate those processes for better compliance, staff efficiencies, and increased time savings to dedicate to customer-centric innovation.

The Solution

KoçSistem turned to BMC based on its reputation for leading IT automation software and selected BMC’s suite of leading IT operations management (ITOM) solutions for its out-of-the-box patching, compliance management, and provisioning capabilities, with configuration and training assistance provided by a local partner.

Business Results

By automating its patching, compliance, and provisioning processes, KoçSistem decreased costs, increased revenue, and made more efficient use of its skilled personnel. Patch management also helped reduce the time spent downloading, analyzing, testing, approving, reporting, and remediating patches from vendor sites across different platforms.

The company achieved better compliance management by speeding up the determination of policy compliance for multiple standards; improving the server-to-admin ratio; and reducing the number of non-compliant servers and their associated risks, incidents, and violations. In the area of server provisioning, the solutions helped with operational tasks, saving time on data collection, preventing errors, and eliminating the costs of integrations.

Quantifiable benefits of the solution set included:

  • 6,000 servers remediated successfully for improved security and audit performance
  • 99 percent compliance with third-party agents
  • Zero missing security patches older than 30 days
  • 50 working days saved with automated patch management and 10 working days saved with server provisioning, freeing up staff for other projects
  • Regular reporting on 40 different custom customer patches for their security and compliance assurance
  • Creation of 15 custom compliance rules and remediation actions for Windows and Linux®

Looking Ahead

With its patching, compliance, and provisioning processes now automated, KoçSistem can better utilize its skilled personnel for more innovative, value-added endeavors and continually improve its compliance scores and cost and time savings.

“The BMC solutions gave us back valuable time that we could devote to other tasks. We saved 50 working days with automated patch management and ten working days with automated server provisioning.”

— Fevzi Gümüş, Management Systems and Automation Unit Manager, KoçSistem

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