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Odeabank Improves Compliance and Provisioning with BMC


patch compliance rate after two patch cycles


third-party agent compliance rate


the provisioning time from days to 30 minutes


Odeabank is a joint stock company with 1,200 employees that’s been providing commercial banking services to Turkey since 2012. Part of Bank Audi, a corporate, commercial, retail, investment, and private banking group that serves 11 countries, Odeabank’s mission is to invest in the best, aim for the total satisfaction of its stakeholders, and offer them a banking concept that puts them at the center of its operations. Its vision is to be the first bank that comes to mind for customers who care about how they spend their lives and their time, and it’s taking its business directly to customers with an omnichannel experience delivered across branch locations, ATMs, online banking, and 24x7 self-service lounges.

The Challenge

The infrastructure team at Odeabank was struggling to properly manage its Windows and Linux servers due to missing patches—including security and OS patches—which negatively impacted internal and external audits and led to poor compliance. The team also spent too long on provisioning due to too many manual steps.

The Solution

Odeabank is using an agile methodology for many of its projects and selected a suite of BMC solutions to help it smooth out its critical patch, compliance, and provisioning processes, realizing the value of its investment in three months.

Business Impact

With the solutions in place, Odeabank maximized the efficiency of its skilled personnel and achieved significant benefits, including:

  • Patched and remediated 1,400 servers for custom compliance rules
  • Eliminated missing security patches older than 30 days
  • Created 13 custom compliance rules and remediation actions for Windows/Linux
  • Reduced time spent on multi-policy compliance
  • Lowered percentage of non-compliant servers and associated risk
  • Decreased incidents due to operational compliance violations
  • Improved server-to-admin ratio
  • Prevented operational errors

"BMC gave us our time back. Within the first six months, we saved 180 work days with automated patching and 76 work days with automated server provisioning”

— Çağın Cirikciel, Head of IT Infrastructure, Odeabank

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