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Control-M delivers advanced operational capabilities easily consumed by Dev, Ops, data teams, and lines of business.

Control-M Workflow Insights

  • Application and data workflow observability: Increased confidence that SLAs are being met for Control-M users and IT leaders
  • Comprehensive control and management capabilities: Enhanced dashboards and reporting with constant telemetry and intelligent analysis on executing workflows
  • Self-service visibility: In-depth reporting to help teams work autonomously

Simplify and scale data pipelines

  • Get a 360-degree view of data pipelines at every stage—from ingestion, to processing, to analytics
  • Ingest and process data from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud services, and data technologies like Airflow, Spark, EMR, Snowflake, and RedShift
  • Resolve SLA issues before they become critical

Simplify application workflow orchestration across cloud environments

Application workflow orchestration embedded in your DevOps toolchain

  • Take a Jobs-as-Code approach with REST APIs and JSON to accelerate app build, test, and validation times
  • Extend Dev and Ops collaboration
  • Cut costs and improve quality by finding defects and bugs earlier in the software development lifecycle

Consider your file transfers delivered

  • Intelligently move internal and external file transfers from a central interface
  • Improve visibility and control by integrating file transfers with related application workflows
  • Securely move files to and from AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle storage
  • Time is money—cut time between file transfers and next processing steps
Control-M Self Service

Orchestrate workflows anytime, from anywhere

  • Make it easy to deliver secure access for differing roles across the organization with Control-M’s robust web interface
  • Stay connected on your iOS or Android mobile devices wherever you go
  • Focus on work, not training—tackle complex challenges with ease from an intuitive interface
  • Rest easy—ensure compliance with automatically enforced security policies
  • Be up and running in minutes with easy installation

Try out key capabilities

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Deliver critical business services on time, every time

  • See what matters most with a clear graphical view of jobs as services
  • Solve problems and stay in the know with automated alerts and predictive SLA delay detection
  • Know what’s next with extensive simulation capabilities that help you prevent conflicts and save time
Control-M Batch Impact Manager
Control-M Application Integrator

Easily integrate any application workload

  • Innovate faster by controlling when applications get integrated
  • Improve critical app services by designing job types for your service needs
  • Realize return on investment (ROI) by leveraging crowd-sourced job types from a community of experts

What you don’t know can hurt you

  • Identify and resolve issues faster with historical data
  • Simplify audits and ensure compliance with easy-to-navigate historical records
  • Deliver the right troubleshooting information quickly with flexible search capabilities
Control-M Workload Archiving
Control-M Workload Change Manager

Simplify and automate business application delivery

  • Get better insight and control over creating application and data workflows and improved service delivery
  • Increase business agility with a scalable solution that accelerates change requests by up to 80 percent
  • Improve application quality with automated enforcement of site standards
  • Create drag-and-drop workflows that eliminate the need for manual scripting

A single-source workload automation solution for your mainframe

  • Manage increasingly large and complex data center workloads
  • Improve productivity with an enterprise view of your mainframe
  • Reduce manual intervention and risk with change impact forecasts
  • Enhance service levels and optimize workloads with predictive analytics
Control-M Conversion Tool

Discover and convert third-party schedulers automatically

  • Reduce errors that could occur during manual conversions
  • Cut costs by decreasing conversion times
  • Simplify conversion with automation