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Control-M for Mainframe simplifies the orchestration of mainframe application workflows and removes any manual effort to manage associated quality assurance and recovery activities, delivering better efficiency to keep your mainframe future ready.

Harness the power of your mainframe with Control-M tools

  • Ensure timely delivery of your mainframe business services with simple and native application workflow orchestration
  • Optimize workflow execution to reduce mainframe processing costs and meet SLAs
  • Reduce manual integrations to orchestrate mainframe to multi-cloud application workflows and data pipelines
  • Maintain data quality, with automated data balancing and quality control checks
  • Quickly and securely collect, retrieve, distribute, and archive reports, saving storage and distribution costs
  • Ensure error-free JCLs in application workflows and eliminate manual effort required when restarting JCLs
Control-M V3

Manage mainframe workloads across your infrastructure

Quickly and securely access and distribute auditing reports and relevant data with Control-M Output Management

Control-M Output Management
  • Collect and save enterprise reports and data in different formats in your IBM z/OS-based repository
  • Archive reports for an extended period, with predefined retention criteria
  • Easily retrieve, personalize, print and distribute saved reports to end users—manually or via automated scheduling

Get self-service access to enterprise data from a web browser with Control-M Output Management WebAccess

Control-M WebAccess
  • Protect information and offer personalized web views with secure and flexible access management to enterprise data residing on your IBM z/OS repository
  • Use search functions to access reports, statements, and other critical information
  • View multiple data types and file formats, including IBM® Advanced Function Presentation (AFP), Xerox® LCDS and metacode, EBCDIC text, and PDF

Automatically ensure error-free JCL for mainframe workflow orchestration with Control-M JCL Verify

Control-M JCL Verify
  • Manage JCL in an intuitive environment, either stand-alone or from within workflow orchestration, with built-in safeguards to ensure accuracy
  • Leverage comprehensive validation tools, including data availability, syntax procedures, logical flow, and space allocation before jobs start
  • Automatically align and reformat jobs per user-defined standards

CTS levels the playing field with streamlined service delivery

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Getting started with Control-M for Mainframe is easy