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MainView for Db2® Management

MainView for Db2 Management

Optimized Db2 workloads

MainView for Db2 Management removes the guesswork from performance tuning, enabling you to configure your Db2 mainframe environment for optimal z/OS system performance. With this solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Maintain consistent performance throughout complex, changing application workloads.
  • Minimize your hardware costs by making the most efficient use of your system resources.
  • View information from multiple Db2 systems in a single, unified view.

Proactive performance tuning

MainView for Db2 Management addresses system tuning, monitoring, and automation in order to deliver higher reliability and efficiency across your Db2 environment. The tools in this solution will help you find and correct Db2 system exceptions, quickly pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks, and access real-time and historical data for guided analysis and recommendations.

Evaluation of critical metrics

Catch exceptions before they can cause problems by monitoring critical Db2 metrics, like current thread activity, Db2 and buffer pool status, and lockout events.

Dynamic, real-time recommendations

Keep your buffer pools at peak efficiency with real-time recommendations for storage resource allocation, dynamic statement caching, and pool usage.

Consolidated viewpoint

Manage large, complex Db2 environments from a consolidated interface with multi-system support for data sharing and parallel query activity.

Automated resource management

Respond to unexpected workload fluctuations instantly, with automated resource management.

Efficient processing

Reduce your CPU costs by offloading eligible processing to zIIP engines, when available.

Central, web-based interface

Enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly, web-based GUI that consolidates information from all of the MainView products you run.

Dynamic thresholds

Use the Threshold Advisor feature to set intelligent, dynamic thresholds based on real-time data and business cycles.

Historical reporting & analysis

Take advantage of sophisticated data views to compare historical and current data or build analytical reports.

In-depth insights

  • Access accounting information and statistics via the Db2 performance management database.
  • Navigate catalog information easily, with integrated catalog management tools.
  • Collect detailed object performance metrics without the need for expensive performance traces.

Products included in this solution

The MainView for Db2 Management solution is made up of the following products, which work together to optimize the performance of your Db2 environment.

  • MainView for Db2®

    MainView for Db2 allows you to manage multiple Db2 systems as though they were a single system. By summarizing data from multiple systems into single view, the product enables you to analyze performance at user-specified intervals so you can catch any Db2 performance issues before they cause problems. You’ll be able to monitor real-time data to provide early warning of any exception conditions that might arise for either resources or workloads. MainView for Db2 focuses on the metrics that are most critical to Db2 performance, including lockout events, thread activity, Db2 and buffer pool statistics, and page-set data.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: MainView for DB2 Management-es

  • Pool Advisor for Db2®

    BMC Pool Advisor for Db2 uses built-in intelligence to proactively optimize Db2 pool performance, thereby removing the guesswork involved in performance tuning. With this product, you’ll be able to collect and analyze Db2 data about buffer pool, EDM pool, dynamic statement caching, sort pool, RID pool, and group buffer pool use. The product will make recommendations for improving storage resource allocation, object configuration, and various Db2 parameter settings. By ensuring that Db2 pools are continuously and optimally tuned, Pool Advisor for Db2 enables Db2 applications to run faster and more efficiently by using fewer CPU cycles and reducing I/O.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: MainView for DB2 Management-es